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The world around us is changing rapidly. Technological innovations, social interaction and economic developments determine how our Dutch society is shaped today. Whereas tomorrow, it all could be different. You and I are almost permanently online. As are our things. We’re increasingly sharing services and stuff with our neighbours and friends. And we share data with companies and organisations, at home and abroad. We change jobs more frequently, are growing older on average and have to carry on working longer to spread social costs more fairly. As the world becomes more complex, we need simplicity.

At VIVAT, we are aware of the speed at which changes are taking place. We understand the impact on society and recognise that our customers’ needs are rapidly evolving too. Therefore we are alert and ready to adjust quickly. As it is our ambition to be trendsetting in the insurance market, we have firmly committed ourselves to sustainable innovation. With our trusted and familiar brands Zwitserleven and Reaal and our asset manager ACTIAM, we offer consumers products and services that are designed to make their lives easier. Now and in the future.

To be able to carry on doing so, VIVAT is looking beyond the horizon. We’re working faster and more efficiently thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. Our new approaches to insurance meet the needs of today’s consumers. We adopt new technologies and our analysis of big data is increasingly helping us to identify our customers’ needs more effectively.

This allows us to create and offer valuable products and services to enhance living, working, mobility and traveling & leisure. And to generate assets that enables our (future) customers to enjoy a happy and careless retirement. Meanwhile we always keep a keen eye for the impact of our work and investments on the environment.

And we are not doing this alone. We work together with universities, numerous promising start-ups and companies at the cutting edge of their sectors. We strongly believe that cooperation is the way forward. Thanks to a number of strategic partnerships, we’re ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

This way we provide our customers with smart solutions to protect their valuables and help them realise their dreams. Each and every day.


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