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DevOps Engineer

At VIVAT, Bouke Woudstra is responsible for the infrastructure of the Zwitserleven website. This is a challenging job with a great deal of freedom. He considers the job description for a DevOps Engineer to be a ‘fashionable term for a jack of all trades’.

Indeed, maintaining the Zwitserleven website is no easy task. Not only does Bouke manage the website's infrastructure, he also ensures the procedures for registration and passwords are logical and well-thought-out. In addition, he is responsible for the specification of changes and for testing these and achieving the required results. “My manager prefers his staff to be highly versatile; then they won’t be all that dependent on others to get their work done.”

Ultimate Freedom

The freedom is what makes this work so enjoyable. At VIVAT, Bouke is largely in control of how he organises his work. “This is one of the really appealing aspects of working at VIVAT: you are in charge of the quality of your work. If you want to try out something new, no one will stop you. Thanks to the recent changes in strategy, being proactive and showing initiative has become more important. Stimulate your own learning process instead of relying too much on others. This is what gives you complete freedom. It also makes you more flexible, and gives that extra bit of satisfaction when your effort finally pays off. What is more, we work with modern technology, meaning everyone can easily work from home. In that sense, we are ahead of the game.”

If you are versatile enough to deal with the many different aspects of the job, you will be welcomed with open arms...

Plenty of challenge

The recent reorganisations at VIVAT mean we are on the path to growth again. Consequently, we need people with the right skills and competences to help develop the IT systems further. “If you are versatile enough to deal with the many different aspects of the job, you will be welcomed with open arms.”
Bouke's field of expertise presents plenty of challenges for potential new colleagues looking to make a valuable contribution. “The company has a solid foundation, but still uses old systems that need to be phased out. The challenge is to ensure clients with pension policies are seamlessly transferred from one system to another. In this vein, we need people who are able to think critically and logically but also have a hands-on-mentality to make sure the work gets done.”

Working at VIVAT

Are you interested in a new challenge? Do you have the skills and motivation to get started at VIVAT? Then check our vacancies to see if there is a job that suits you.

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