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David van der Zande is Relationship Manager for various ACTIAM clients. He helps find investment solutions for institutional clients, pension funds, insurers, charities and investment firms.

“ACTIAM manages a very large number of portfolios,” says David van der Zande, “worth a total of over 54 billion euros.” We also provide a wide range of services, from investment reports to risk management. My job is to make sure it all goes smoothly.” That ACTIAM’s clients think that's succeeding is reflected in the annual customer satisfaction survey, which regularly awards the company a score of more than 8. It’s something David and his colleagues can be proud of.

The most exciting aspect of our work is having to match the client’s needs with what’s happening in the world.

Investment and current affairs

An important part of managing investments is keeping a close eye on international developments. “The election of Donald Trump, for example, impacted the global political climate – and hence the financial markets – very quickly. I’ve always been fascinated by this mechanism. The most exciting aspect of our work is having to match the client’s needs with what's happening in the world.”

Focus on growth

There are further exciting challenges on the agenda, given that ACTIAM wants to grow in the years ahead. “That means we've got to expand, since our profit margins are being squeezed by growing IT costs and vital project investments. I’m confident we can do it, though, thanks to our strong starting point. Ethical investment is in our DNA and market demand for responsible investment is continuing to grow.”

Scope for ideas

ACTIAM is a relatively independent business unit within VIVAT, with approximately seventy dedicated employees operating out of its office in Utrecht. In an organisation of that kind, you’re always visible. David sees this as a major ‘plus’. “It means you can really add value through your own initiative. There’s scope to devise and introduce new products, tune systems more effectively and come up with innovative reports. If you have good ideas to pitch to the board and they can see mileage in them, they’ll give you the scope and resources to realise them.”

Working at VIVAT

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