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In his role as an internal account manager, Erik de Held manages a portfolio of 160 employers who have all implemented a Zwitserleven pension scheme for their employees. It is an exciting job that deals with the many different aspects employers face: occupational disability, deaths of employees, mergers and expansions.

One of the most crucial aspects to being an account manager is being able to create strong ties with your clients. It is not surprising then, that Erik invests a lot of his time in talking with clients – these conversations often last quite long and are frequently personal in nature. “After my son was born, ‘concerned’ clients regularly called me, wondering if I was sleeping better. I think in this sector it is important to build up a personal relationship with your clients. This helps us generate goodwill, which is extremely useful sometimes. If we provide excellent service, the client will be more inclined to be loyal to us.”

If we provide excellent service, the client will be more inclined to be loyal to us.

Zwitserleven’s added value

Erik is not just responsible for maintaining relationships within the existing client base; he also brings new clients on board. To this end, he enthusiastically visits companies and gives presentations on the added value of Zwitserleven, which take approximately an hour. “It is a time-consuming process, but it is very satisfying when one of my presentations managed to win a new client over.”

Dynamic environment

The dynamic at VIVAT means no single day is the same. Every morning when Eric opens his inbox, there is a new challenge awaiting him. And if he has any spare time in his workday, he likes to invest in projects that interest him. “For years I was the internship supervisor for students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I also gave presentations on Zwitserleven to students. Some of my colleagues participated in the Week van het Geld (The week of money) by teaching children how to manage their finances. The rule of thumb is: you are given free rein to involve yourself in these kinds of projects, provided you have the time to do so and it is not at the expense of the clients.”

Working at VIVAT

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