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Three years ago, Mandy Glim started her new career at the VIVAT Service Desk with very little technical knowledge or experience. At present, in the position of Scrum Master she fulfils a hub function for her, primarily male, colleagues.

“After graduating in hotel management studies, I realised I would not be able to channel my creativity and talent in this field. At VIVAT I was given the opportunity to start work at the Service Desk, assisting colleagues with any technical questions they might have. At the time, I had no technical experience whatsoever; I learned everything on-the-job at the Service Desk. Now I am just as knowledgeable as the men in my department – perhaps even more! I notice being a woman and working in IT is quite unusual as on the phone I often hear: ‘Oh! What a surprise to be speaking to a woman, I normally only speak to men in this field’.”

If you prove you’re eager to learn, you’re willing to put in the work and able to spot potential opportunities for your department, you’ll achieve success.

Opportunities to grow

Mandy chose a path that enabled her to achieve a great deal in the last three years. She grabbed every opportunity with both hands. “VIVAT empowers you. Line managers assign you roles based on your interests and what you like doing. That is why my manager made me Scrum Master as he knew I enjoyed being involved in process improvement. One of my roles as Scrum Master is to facilitate my team in implementing the new way of working. I solve any issues my colleagues might come across in this regard. I have also been given the opportunity to contribute my ideas and thoughts regarding the future of the department. This is what is unique about VIVAT: if you prove you’re eager to learn, you’re willing to put in the work and able to spot potential opportunities for your department, you’ll achieve success.”


One of the projects Mandy worked on was streamlining processes to get new employees up and running, by ensuring they have all the tools they need such as a laptop, telephone and access card. “Isn’t it great that we are able to speed up this process? I like anticipating problems by figuring out how we can do things more efficiently. I obtained my LEAN Management certificate a year and a half ago. I then worked on a project to give knowledge management a new impetus within the organisation. For example, we cleaned up the knowledge database and eliminated some waste from the process. This made the knowledge database a lot more efficient.”


Mandy likes running in her free time. “It’s something I do for myself, and occasionally I compete in a race. For example, two years ago I ran the Dam to Dam run for Zwitserleven. Occasionally, VIVAT employees participate in these kinds of events. It is nice to get to know your colleagues outside of work by running a race together.”

Working at VIVAT

Are you interested in a new challenge? Do you have the skills and motivation to get started at VIVAT? Then check our vacancies to see if there is a job that suits you.

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