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Wouter van Straten was involved with the creation of the new VIVAT Digital department last year, and afterwards joined the management team. As Head of Strategy & Business Development in VIVAT's digital department, he’s been responsible for business development and strategic issues since September 2016. Wouter heads a team of strategic advisers, data and business analysts and staff who are responsible for the partnerships.

Since the recent reorganisation, VIVAT’s focus has shifted more to the online environment, for which Wouter’s department was created. “The insurance industry owes its success to its brokers. Clients prefer to arrange more complex matters such as mortgages through a financial adviser, while dealing with simpler products such as car insurance themselves. The aim of VIVAT Digital is to structure our websites and products in such a way that consumers can organise their own insurance without an intermediary. We’d like them to be able to purchase products for all our brands online – through websites, apps and perhaps even via social media one day.”

VIVAT gives you plenty of opportunities. If you’re willing to take advantage of them, you can shape yourself a great career.


Wouter describes himself as ‘a results-led chap’ who’s energised by results. He’s devised an operational plan for VIVAT Digital in which he can measure very quickly whether a result can or can’t be achieved. “If we’ve achieved a good result, then it’s worth celebrating. It’s not something you achieve on your own but as part of a team. My background as an advanced level hockey player means I really enjoy working as a team and celebrating results together.”

Great dynamism

There’s a lot going on in the dynamic VIVAT environment. That’s something you either love or you don’t, Wouter says. “We certainly never sit still! VIVAT gives its employees huge opportunities. If you’re willing to take advantage of them, you can shape yourself a great career. The opportunities I’ve been given have made me who I am. After all, I'm still relatively young and already have plenty of responsibility. For example, I’ve been invited to provide input for some of the key decisions taken by the organisation.”

Consumer’s point of view

VIVAT Digital has recently taken on many new staff, Wouter explains, and specifically sought people from outside the financial sector. “They have a very different take on our sector and look at financial services in a different way. They see them from a consumer’s point of view, which is precisely what we need if we are increasingly going to give consumers what they want. So take your own experience and vision with you and get involved in the discussion about how the organisation should be doing things. That’s what’s required if we are to start thinking and behaving in a more client-driven way.”

Working at VIVAT

Are you interested in a new challenge? Do you have the skills and motivation to get started at VIVAT? Then check our vacancies to see if there is a job that suits you.

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