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VIVAT has earned the maximum score in a research report on deforestation and land robbery. In the report published today by the Fair Insurance Guide (de Eerlijke Verzekeringswijzer), VIVAT is positively highlighted because of its policy, active engagements and voting activities. VIVAT, the parent company of the brands Reaal and Zwitserleven, is the only insurer to achieve the maximum score.

The Fair Insurance Guide publishes a practical survey twice a year. The survey published today looks at the investments of the ten largest Dutch insurers and the way their investments in the palm oil sector contribute to deforestation and land robbery. Five topics have identified how the insurance groups try to influence the palm oil companies in which they invest.

Intensifying Engagement

VIVAT scores 9 out of 9 points for screening and got a maximum score for engagement. In addition, the insurer voted at shareholders meetings of palm oil producers in favor of them adopting resolutions to reduce deforestation. These resolution stimulate the palm oil companies to reduce the risks of deforestation and encourage them to adopt a responsible chain policy. Also, VIVAT is the only insurance group that has made official commitments during the investigation to intensify its commitment to deforestation and land robbery.

Responsible investment policy

The high score for VIVAT derives from the responsible investment policy of its asset manager ACTIAM. With its responsible investment policy, ACTIAM focuses on climate policy, water and land. Part of the theme ‘land’ are commitments in the field of palm oil and deforestation. This means that ACTIAM conducts talks with palm oil companies to change their behavior and actively votes at shareholders’ meetings. For all companies in which it invests in, ACTIAM assesses the ESG score. This score is made up of several indicators and reflects the sustainability of a company or country. Excluding a company is the ultimate measure, for example, if companies do not want to cooperate in conversations.

More information? Read all about our investments on the ACTIAM website.

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